Discussing Science Fiction, Emergent Gameplay, and the Challenges of Voice Acting with the Director of The Alters.

The Alters is a game that combines emergent storytelling and traditional gameplay structure to offer unique narrative experiences in every playthrough. Inspired by iconic sci-fi films like Interstellar and Annihilation, the game presents a hostile world with a unique twist. At a recent 11 bit studios preview event, the game director, Tomasz Kisilewicz, discussed the game’s theme of exploring the impact of different choices in life and how they shape an individual’s identity. The game features a main storyline with branching decisions that alter gameplay, as well as emergent storylines based on the interactions and clashes of the Alters, unique characters created by the player.

The player’s choices in creating Alters and their decisions within the game have repercussions and create varied narratives, reflecting the core theme that choices have consequences. The Alters also includes voiced dialogue for the first time in 11 bit’s history, with one actor, Alex Jordan, providing the voices for multiple characters. This presented a significant challenge in creating distinct voices for each character while maintaining consistency throughout the game. The game’s hostile world outside of Jan’s base draws inspiration from iconic sci-fi films, such as Interstellar and Annihilation, to create a familiar yet unique environment.

The team aimed to depict the environment as harsh and unfriendly, similar to the feel of the planets in Interstellar. Additionally, the depiction of Rapidium, a key element in the game’s ‘cloning’ process, was influenced by The Shimmer in Annihilation. The Alters is a highly anticipated game set for release in 2024, offering a blend of emergent storytelling, impactful choices, and a unique and hostile world.

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