The Video Game Industry Requires a More Robust Video Game Media Coverage

I began my writing career in 2018, amidst a time of expansion for games media. Many of the sites I initially wrote for have since ceased to exist, a trend also observed amongst independent gaming sites.

This decline is not due to a lack of passion for the medium, but rather the immense effort required to sustain these platforms. Despite the challenges, I find fulfillment in my work at TheGamer, though it’s common knowledge that most individuals in the industry could earn significantly more elsewhere.

Prominent figures within the games industry are also making significant career shifts, reflecting a changing landscape. The pattern of individuals leaving established media outlets to establish their own platforms, as exemplified by Jeff Gerstmann, is on the rise.

Unfortunately, the shift towards independently owned outlets often favors content formats that are less resource-intensive, such as podcasts and personality-driven videos. This choice is influenced by financial considerations and lower legal risks.

Unfortunately, this shift has resulted in a decline in in-depth reporting and criticism within games media. This has led to fewer journalists being trained and paid to ask important and challenging questions to industry leaders.

Additionally, the reduced prominence of games journalists has diminished media scrutiny in the industry, limiting its potential to effect change and hold companies accountable. This decline in games media is concerning, as it limits the public’s access to well-informed reporting and oversight within the industry.

Furthermore, it lessens the pressure on companies to uphold transparency and ethical practices. As a result, we are witnessing a troubling shift away from these essential principles.

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