Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Confirms Alternate Outfits in New Announcement

Dragon Ball fans have been eagerly awaiting confirmation on whether Sparking Zero would include alternate costumes for each fighter. The recent Master vs. Apprentice gameplay trailer for Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero has finally confirmed that the game will feature alternate costumes, putting to rest any doubts fans may have had. The announcement has sparked hope for some iconic outfits, such as Vegeta’s Badman shirt, to make an appearance in the game.

Sparking Zero’s gameplay demonstration showcased elements inspired by classic games like Budokai Tenkaichi and Raging Blast, which has left fans excited about the game’s potential. One of the significant questions surrounding Sparking Zero’s release has been the inclusion of alternate outfits. Previous Dragon Ball games have offered a few variations for most characters, and fans were curious to see if Sparking Zero would continue this trend.

The trailer revealed Piccolo in a turban and cloak, a departure from his usual attire, sparking discussions about possible alternate outfits. Furthermore, the absence of battle damage on characters suggests that the costume changes are not a result of gameplay mechanics, making the inclusion of alternate outfits highly probable in Sparking Zero.

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