WASD Round-Up: The Games I Played

The Lowtek Light Book is a unique video game that uses projection and hand-drawn pop-up books for gameplay. Games like Bib Goes Home have pages to turn, and gameplay changes as you do so.

Harvest Hunt, a horror game, challenges players to survive five nights in a cornfield against a monster known as the Devourer. The game includes randomized elements with the Whispers card deck mechanic.

Conscript is a game heavily influenced by classic horror titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, with a fresh spin on the genre using a top-down perspective and a World War I setting. Wax Heads is an indie game set in a record store, featuring quirky art style, business management, minigames, and an intriguing mystery.

Summerhouse offers a relaxing experience with no challenges or stress, where players build cute little houses using beautiful pixel graphics. Inferni: Hope & Fear combines deck-building and battle royale gameplay elements, creating a unique game with real-time card mechanics.

Paper Trail is an ingenious puzzle game with a folding paper concept, and will be launched on multiple platforms. Bootleg Steamer is an exploration adventure game that mixes business sim elements with the roguelike genre, set during the American Prohibition.

Fruitbus is a wholesome cooking game with a bittersweet story, while 30 Birds is a stunning puzzle game with a Persian-inspired art style and unique lantern-based mechanics. Demonology 101 is a delightful game about guessing the identity of demons and is available for free download.

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