Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is reportedly aiming to be launched in late 2024 or 2025

As translated by Twitter user ShonenGameZ, SofianLeGEEK and Yekais recently had the chance to speak to Sparking: Zero’s producer, Jun Furutani, and series producer, Ryo Mito, who had a ton of new information about the game to reveal. Perhaps the biggest bit of news to come from the conversation was a hint towards Sparking: Zero’s release window. According to LaunSSJ’s tweet, Mito and Furutani said that Sparking: Zero doesn’t currently have a precise release date at the moment and that the team is continuing to work on the game and doesn’t want to rush it in any way. That being said, they reportedly claimed that the considered release window right now is either late 2024 or early 2025.

The Japanese version of the latest Sparking: Zero trailer says that it’s “Coming Soon”, so let’s hope that the late 2024 release date goal ends up being a reality. Although that might be a little disappointing to anyone who was expecting the game to release in Summer 2024 (especially since it’s had five years of development time already), it is the best idea yet of when we can expect Sparking: Zero to launch. Even if it does end up coming out in 2025, we’ve waited more than a decade already, so another year to make the best game possible really isn’t a problem. It’s also worth noting that, although LaunSSJ’s tweet does include a picture of the Twitter users with Jun Furutani and Ryo Mito, we currently don’t have a recording of the interview, so it’s not 100 percent confirmed just yet to be true.

Until Bandai Namco officially announces a release window, it’s worth taking it all with a pinch of salt.

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