Player of Baldur’s Gate 3 Discovers Broken Trick for Dealing Damage and Maintaining Sanctuary

Baldur’s Gate 3’s honour mode is quite challenging, as it only allows one save file and enables permanent death. However, some players are taking it even further by completing the game with no equipment and without any companions. One fan has found a method using spell combinations that make the run somewhat feasible, albeit repetitive.

By using Sanctuary and Moonbeam, they are able to survive and progress through the game without the use of any items. While this strategy has its limitations and risks, such as vulnerability to area-of-effect spells, it demonstrates the creativity and determination of players striving to overcome the game’s toughest mode. Additionally, there are other tricks and exploits that players have shared to beat honour mode, such as leaving one party member at camp permanently or manipulating save slots to save scum their way out of difficult situations.

These tactics, while unconventional, highlight the various approaches players are taking to conquer the game’s most challenging mode. Baldur’s Gate 3’s honour mode offers a unique and demanding gameplay experience that pushes players to their limits, spawning inventive strategies and tactics to overcome its formidable challenges.

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