Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Misunderstands “Adult” Gohan

The latest trailer for Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero revealed that several versions of Gohan will be playable, including his Buu Saga iteration. However, the game continues the tradition of incorrectly labeling Buu Saga Gohan as “Adult Gohan”, despite him being 16 years old. This also implies that the 10-11 year old Gohan from the Cell Saga will once again be referred to as “Teen Gohan.”

Despite criticism of Gohan’s character arc in Dragon Ball Z, he remains one of the most popular characters. However, his absence from Sparking Zero’s trailers did not go unnoticed. After the release of the Master vs. Apprentice gameplay trailer, the official website was updated to include all confirmed characters, including the three different versions of Gohan.

Kid Gohan and Future Gohan are mentioned, but the Buu Saga version of Gohan continues the long-standing mistake of being referred to as an “adult.” This inconsistency in the naming of Gohan in Dragon Ball games has been known for quite some time. Many fans had hoped that “Adult” Gohan would no longer be used in Sparking Zero, but it appears that this will not be the case.

Despite the ongoing confusion, the inclusion of “Kid Gohan,” “Teen Gohan,” and “Adult Gohan” seems to be maintained for the sake of simplicity. However, some fans had hoped for a different naming convention similar to the one used for Goku and Vegeta.

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