Reportedly, Kingdom Hearts Movie Will Combine Live-Action and CGI in an Innovative Way

According to DanielRPK, the movie will feature a mixture of live-action and CGI, which has raised concerns among fans. Many are hoping that the CGI is kept to a minimum, particularly when it comes to depicting the beloved character Sora in a realistic manner outside of Kingdom Hearts 4.

The news of a Kingdom Hearts adaptation being developed was first reported by movie insider DanielRPK, but it was initially unclear whether it would be a movie or a TV show. While the prospect of a Kingdom Hearts movie was not high on fans’ wish lists, if creator Nomura is involved and the focus remains on animation, it could still hold promise.

However, unfortunately, there are reports of the movie incorporating live-action elements, dampening the hopes of many fans. The original insider, DanielRPK, shared an update on Twitter suggesting the live-action and CGI blend in the movie.

This news has sparked mixed reactions and concerns among fans, with many hoping that the live-action elements are limited to the Disney characters rather than the main Kingdom Hearts characters. The discrepancy between initial reports of an animated adaptation and the current news of a live-action and CGI mix has led to confusion and uncertainty about the project’s direction.

Regardless, fans remain hopeful that the final product will lean more towards animation than live-action.

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