Promise Mascot Agency Resembles the Finest Aspects of the Yakuza Video Games

I’m captivated by the minigames in the Like a Dragon games, from Yakuza 0 to the upcoming indie Promise Mascot Agency. The cabaret minigame in Yakuza 0 requires quick thinking for efficiency and has always appealed to me as a fan of management games.

The upcoming indie game, Promise Mascot Agency, merges elements from Like a Dragon into an open world mascot management crime drama, and the anticipation for its release in 2025 builds excitement. The game’s unique concept and blend of different elements are reminiscent of what draws me to the Like a Dragon series.

I have always loved management games since my childhood, starting with Diner Dash. Yakuza 0’s cabaret minigame, with its focus on pairing the right hostess with each customer and ensuring customer satisfaction, has a special appeal to me.

This is why I find the concept of Promise Mascot Agency exciting – it offers a similar blend of management gameplay and open-world exploration. Apart from managing misfit mascots and putting them to work, Promise Mascot Agency allows players to explore a cursed Japanese town, interact with residents, and engage in various activities.

The game’s incorporation of minigames and elements from the Like a Dragon series, along with its unique aesthetic style, makes it highly appealing to me. Though Promise Mascot Agency won’t be released until 2025, the prospect of experiencing its blend of minigames and management elements already excites me.

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