Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes – All Hero Combo Attack

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes fittingly features Hero Combos, the renamed and somewhat retooled successors to Suikoden’s Combination Attacks. While the concept of spending multiple characters’ turns combining their might is hardly Suikoden-exclusive, the six-person parties and high number of recruitable party members makes this singularly spectacular. When trying to upgrade your base of operations in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, you’ll need quite a variety of resources.

Below, we’ve chronicled (heh) every Hero Combo. You won’t see these in your character status menu until you’ve acquired a character (or at least had them in your party at some point before they’ve temporarily departed), so you’ll get some mileage out of plotting things out ahead of time. At least, we hope you will!

All Two-Person Hero Combos
A whopping number of two-person Hero Combos exist in Eiyuden Chronicle. Most are relatively cheap on the SP side, and there’s good synergy between many of these party members in general, making them easy match-ups. Bear in mind, Chandra and Aleior take up two slots, so in a way, they’re three-person combos in their own right.

Kind of! All Three-Person Hero Combos
There aren’t quite as many three-person Hero Combos in Eiyuden Chronicle, though there’s still plenty of goodness to go around. These tend to be stronger than two-person combos, though their SP costs are often a bit higher as a result.

Strategically-timed use of these can really turn the tide in hard mode and the Mysterious Room. Some characters in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes will pop up in mandatory roles in your party. Find out who you ought to keep leveled and geared.

All Four-Person Hero Combos
Four-person Hero Combos are rare. As of our findings, there are only three, though they’re all quite strong. Requiring us to take up four of our six slots is a tall ask, though if you find yourself fond of each of them, it’s hardly going to break you.

The Six-Person Hero Combo
As you would imagine, the single six-person Hero Combo, Complete Heroes Combo, is incredible. It requires the acquisition of both CJ and Isha, neither of whom will join the Alliance by default. For a ridiculous one SP, it will deal extreme damage to the entire enemy party.

The downside, of course, is that you’ve taken your only action for an entire round. We’d argue it’s worth the tradeoff, seeing as you aren’t forced to use it every turn. Do other stuff when needed!

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