Rumors Suggest Kingdom Hearts 4 Will Launch in 2025

Kingdom Hearts 4 could potentially be released in 2025, according to a recent rumor by entertainment leaker Daniel Richtman. This speculation has sparked anticipation for a new trailer and follows the two-year anniversary of the game’s initial reveal. Richtman, known for leaks in the entertainment industry, shared this information on Patreon and also suggested a Kingdom Hearts adaptation was in the works, although it’s unclear whether the two are related.

The potential launch next year would mark a relatively quick turnaround, considering the six-year wait between the reveal and release of Kingdom Hearts 3. Fans have been eagerly awaiting updates since the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4 in 2022, and this rumored release date could help alleviate the content drought. The lack of frequent releases has exposed a gap in Kingdom Hearts’ traditionally active engagement with its audience.

Whether or not the 2025 release date rumor is accurate, it’s likely that fans will receive new information this summer, given the time since the last major update. The game’s first track, “Reality in the Dark,” was released last year, but there has been minimal news about the game. Therefore, regardless of the release date, fans are hopeful for more updates in 2024.

If the rumored 2025 release date holds, Square Enix will have a limited time to promote the game. Nevertheless, the anticipation among fans, who have been eagerly awaiting the next installment in the series, could result in a successful launch.

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