Elden Ring Director’s Comments on Shadow of the Erdtree’s Toughness Pushing Boundaries

The upcoming game, Shadow of the Erdtree, is anticipated to be a challenging experience for players. The game’s director, Miyazaki, has indicated that the optional boss battles will pose significant challenges for players. This has raised concerns among fans about the game’s difficulty level.

Miyazaki has emphasized that FromSoftware has intentionally increased the difficulty level, pushing the envelope of what players can withstand. Given the already challenging nature of FromSoftware’s games, this statement implies that Shadow of the Erdtree will present heightened difficulty. The director also mentioned that there will be more than ten boss battles, with the optional ones being particularly difficult.

He emphasized that these optional bosses will pose a substantial challenge and obstacle for players, especially those not essential to the story arc. For fans of FromSoftware’s work, this news may not come as a surprise. It is clear that Shadow of the Erdtree is not going to be an easy game, even for experienced Elden Ring players.

It is advisable for players to manage their expectations and prepare for a tough gaming experience.

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