MultiVersus Fans Believe Expensive Toast for Sale Is a “Joke

Players can now spend 50 Gleamium to get 30 Toast, which works out to around two cents per slice. This change has sparked overwhelming backlash from the MultiVersus community, especially since Toast used to be purchasable with in-game Gold. There are various issues with the game, but the primary concern is its monetization, which has been criticized as greedy and expensive, drawing parallels to Mortal Kombat 1 and Suicide Squad. Following the relaunch, players have been appealing to Player First Games for a more reliable way of earning and sending Toast in-game.

However, the implementation of charging players for an element meant to symbolize sportsmanship has been poorly received by the community. Furthermore, in the original Open Beta version of MultiVersus, Toast was purchasable using Gold, adding to the dissatisfaction among players. The community’s discontent has been evident on the MultiVersus subreddit, where a post addressing the issue has received a high number of upvotes and numerous comments criticizing the situation as a “nickel and dime” scenario. In light of this, some players are now urging Player First Games to introduce an option that allows the exchange of unwanted currencies for Toast, which is seen as a more favorable alternative to the current situation.

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