Elden Ring Should Include Accessibility Options

Accessibility options in games are beneficial as they allow a wider range of players to engage with the games without detracting from the core gameplay. Inclusion of features such as a pause button can be particularly helpful for disabled players, allowing them to take breaks or process information at their own pace. A recent video by Alanah Pearce, discussing the lack of a pause option in Elden Ring, sparked debate. While some criticized her remarks, she clarified that she was referring to a situational disability, a term used in software and game development.

Furthermore, she emphasized that people with disabilities also want to play challenging games and are not seeking an easy mode, but rather simple options like a pause button. There is a backlash against accessibility options in games like Elden Ring, where difficulty is central, as some players feel a need to gatekeep and position themselves as superior for playing without these options. However, the inclusion of accessibility features does not detract from the experience for other players, as they can choose whether to utilize these options or not. The RPG Dragon Age: The Veilguard offers accessibility options and customizable difficulty settings, including a no-death option.

While some criticized this, arguing that it makes the game too easy, the availability of such options is a positive development, as it invites a wider range of players to experience the game. The presence of accessibility options in games, particularly in the RPG genre, is crucial for inviting all kinds of players to engage with the games, even those who may not otherwise be able to play. Ultimately, the availability of these options does not impact others’ experiences, and the choice to use them should be respected. In conclusion, the availability of accessibility options in games is a valuable and inclusive aspect that should be embraced, as it opens up the gaming experience to a broader audience.

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