Xbox, Thank You, but I Won’t Subscribe to Game Pass Again

Xbox has made changes to its Game Pass tiers, resulting in increased costs for subscribers and reduced benefits. These changes, along with recent layoffs and studio closures, have left some customers feeling negative towards Xbox. The value of Game Pass, especially for accessing day one exclusives, has diminished for many. The author initially chose Xbox Series X for Game Pass and older iconic games.

However, priorities changed and they downgraded to a cheaper Game Pass for Console. Eventually, they canceled their subscription due to the changes. The frustrating reshuffling of Game Pass is described as a price increase coupled with reduced functionality, angering many players. Xbox’s attempt to incentivize subscribers into higher tiers is seen as shady, and the confusing messaging around the tier renaming is considered an attempt to obscure the disservice to existing subscribers.

Xbox’s lack of compelling day one exclusives is also mentioned as a reason for the diminishing value of Game Pass. Given the increasing multiplatform releases and the upcoming titles shown at Xbox’s showcase, the author sees more value in picking and choosing which Xbox exclusives to pay for rather than subscribing to Game Pass. Overall, the author expresses disappointment with the changes to Game Pass and suggests that it may no longer be worth it for players who prioritize newer games.

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