Fallout Backpack in Vault 33 Available for Purchase at £200

Game is offering a Vault 33 backpack for $250, which is also available with a functioning Pip-Boy for the same price. Although the Fallout show will be six months old by Halloween, Fallout-themed costumes are expected to be popular. The backpack, equipped with multiple pockets and a fleece blanket, is ideal for a Vault Dweller costume. It is priced at £200 and can be pre-ordered from Game for delivery by September 30.

Additionally, Game is releasing a functioning Pip-Boy 3000 on January 31, 2025, also for $250. The high price reflects the inclusion of game animations, making it a desirable accessory for complete fallout-themed attire. If the combined cost is daunting, there is the option to enjoy the immersive experience by purchasing all seven games from Fanatical for $24.99.

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