What Carries Over Into New Game Plus In Stellar Blade?

New Game Plus is a popular concept in video games that allows players to replay their favorite games with all the gear and items collected during their first playthrough. Whether seeking casual fun or a greater challenge, New Game Plus provides an option for everyone.

However, not all games introduce new features in their New Game Plus mode. Stellar Blade has recently been released, and players may want to ensure they are fully prepared with some helpful tips and tricks for New Game Plus.

This mode was introduced at the game’s launch and is an ideal option for those seeking more content and challenges. This guide provides everything players need to know about it.

In Stellar Blade, New Game Plus functions similarly to other games. To unlock it, players must first complete the game at any difficulty level, which also unlocks Hard Mode.

Then, at the start menu, players will find the option for New Game Plus, allowing them to start using the save file of their completed game. Fortunately, most items, including equipment, gold, useful items, Eve skills, drone upgrades, nano suits, collected cans, and unused SP, will carry over to the new game.

Unlike some games, Stellar Blade’s New Game Plus introduces new content and challenges for players. Players can expect to discover new items and equipment for the character Eve in their second playthrough.

This includes a variety of new Nano suits to enhance Eve’s appearance and new skills for both Eve and her drone. Additionally, players daring enough to tackle Hard Mode in New Game Plus will encounter upgraded versions of Eve’s equipment, labeled Mk2, offering superior stats to aid in managing the increased difficulty.

Furthermore, the Repair Console unlocks the ability to further enhance Weapon Power Attack and Tumbler Effectiveness beyond what was possible in the base game. Players can also upgrade their Health and Beta meters, with each enhancement now requiring four cores instead of three, providing an additional layer of challenge and progression.

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