Fallout Creator Criticizes Toxic Fans

Tim Cain, the creator of Fallout, has spoken out against fans who have attacked the writers, showrunners, and actors of the Fallout show. He urges fans to provide critiques without resorting to “immature” attacks. Cain emphasizes that changes to Fallout’s lore are not unprecedented and points out that these critiques can be made without resorting to personal attacks.

Cain discusses how he critiques media for making “lore drifts” without resorting to personal attacks, and he dismisses the arguments of those who do so as “just somebody whining online” and in need of a nap. He offers examples of changes to the Fallout lore in the past, such as the concept of pre-war ghouls and their water dependency, to highlight that lore changes have occurred throughout the series. The main controversy with the Fallout show centers around its timeline of events and its potential impact on the established game lore.

However, Todd Howard has confirmed that the show has not overwritten the game’s canon, specifically mentioning that Fallout: New Vegas is still considered canon.

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