Stardew Valley Patch 1.6.6 Introduces Gameplay Tweaks And Bug Fixes

Stardew Valley’s latest patch, 1.6.6, has been released for PC, focusing on minor gameplay tweaks and bug fixes. The patch also addresses recent Chinese translation issues and reverts it back to version 1.6.3. Creator Eric Barone has assured console players that Patch 1.6 is on the way and thanked them for their patience. While the latest patch does not introduce major changes such as new content, it is dedicated to making minor adjustments to existing content, fixing long-standing issues, and addressing the controversial translation problems in the Chinese version of the game.

Notable tweaks include improvements to bee houses, the option to toggle the Gold Clock building, and changes to mastery XP buffs for farming. Additionally, numerous fixes have been implemented, including resolving issues with gifting wilted bouquets, disappearing raccoons, and inaccessible areas in the volcano dungeon. The full patch notes provide details on all the fixes included. The patch also addresses recent complaints about the game’s Chinese translation, which creator Eric Barone had apologized for earlier in the week.

The Chinese text and the font have been reverted to the Patch 1.6.3 version, presumably until Barone consults with specialists. Barone expressed gratitude for the continued support from players and assured that Patch 1.6 is still in development for mobile and consoles, acknowledging and thanking these players for their patience.

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