Fallout Officially Approved for Second Season

After an extremely successful first season, Fallout is officially coming back for Season 2. This comes shortly after the news that a second season had received a $25 million tax credit for moving the shoot to California. Fallout has been a smash hit for both Amazon and Bethesda, renewing interest in the games themselves and turning the series into a widespread cultural phenomenon. Despite all of that success, and the general expectation from fans that the show will be coming back, it hadn’t actually been renewed for a second season.

Until now, that is. Yes, officially confirmed by outlet Variety, Fallout will be heading onto our TV screens yet again as a second season has been renewed on Amazon Prime. We don’t know much else about the show, or whether certain actors or Jonathan Nolan will be returning, but it’s great news for both Bethesda and fans that had their fingers crossed for another season. It will also give those behind the show the chance to dive into even more Fallout lore, and add certain things that fans were disappointed were missing in the first season.

Thanks to the eagerness of those behind Fallout and certain parts of the show’s finale (spoilers incoming), we actually know quite a lot about what a second season of Fallout could include. For example, co-showrunner David Wagner recently explained that the team had deliberately saved Deathclaws for a potential Season 2, as they wanted to do the scene justice and not cram everything into one season. We also know where the second season will likely take place (again, spoilers incoming), as the finale of the first season features a teasing shot of a fan favorite location, New Vegas. It’s been a big source of debate surrounding fans, with some shouting about the show removing Fallout: New Vegas from canon, but it appears as though a trek to the Strip is on the cards.

We’ll have to wait for more details though, but at least we know it’s coming, even if the wait will be extremely painful.

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