Future Gohan from Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Fights with Only One Arm

The gameplay deep-dive for Sparking Zero showcased a lot of respect for Budokai Tenkaichi and Raging Blast. It was no surprise that Gohan would be in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero, but it was nice to finally see him in action. The bigger surprise was the inclusion of Future Gohan on the base roster, as some fans expected him to be DLC due to the focus on Super. V-Jump confirmed that Future Gohan will be on the launch roster, and images show that he’ll only have one arm, a significant detail in his character’s backstory.

One of the key moments in Future Gohan’s life is when he loses his arm in a battle with Android 17 and Android 18, choosing to use a Senzu Bean on Trunks instead of saving himself. While this is a graphic moment and has stuck with fans, previous DBZ games rarely represented it accurately, likely due to age rating concerns. As a result, Future Gohan’s moves in games usually involve both arms. However, Sparking Zero has decided to visibly show Future Gohan with one arm missing, a rare and interesting detail that fans may appreciate.

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