Fallout Show Unveils the First Bombs Dropper

The Fallout show has finally answered one of the longest-running questions in the series, revealing who dropped the first bomb in the Great War. This revelation has significant implications for the games and has divided fans. It diverges from what the series creator, Tim Cain, had planned back in the 1990s.

The show discloses that it was not the US or China who initiated the Great War, but rather Vault-Tec. This revelation is made at the end of Fallout’s first season, during a flashback of a meeting between Vault-Tec and various US-based corporations. In this scene, Vault-Tec offers the companies the opportunity to invest in the vaults and reveals that they will be the ones to drop the bombs.

This explanation has caused division among fans, given the long-standing mystery surrounding the Great War. Interestingly, a similar revelation was intended to take place in the cancelled Fallout movie. However, series creator Tim Cain had different thoughts on the matter, previously stating that in his perspective, it was China who launched the first nuke in response to the US working on the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV).

Despite the differing opinions, Tim Cain has attended the premiere of the Fallout show and seems to be enjoying it.

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