Fans of Castlevania are puzzled by the new DLC for Vampire Survivors called Contra.

Vampire Survivors, an indie title, recently announced a collaboration with Konami to team up with one of the publisher’s biggest franchises, Contra. The decision to pick Contra over Castlevania has left many fans scratching their heads.

Despite the title, Vampire Survivors does not feature vampires as playable characters or enemies. The announcement has bewildered many, especially Castlevania fans who thought a collaboration with their beloved franchise was a natural fit.

However, it seems that the decision was a deliberate choice by developer Poncle, possibly as part of a running joke about the lack of vampires in Vampire Survivors. The selection of Contra over Castlevania was further highlighted by a separate indie title receiving a Castlevania collaboration during the same showcase.

The collaboration will introduce “Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns,” adding 11 new characters, 22 new weapons, and new maps. The game will also be expanding to PlayStation 4 and 5.

Despite the unexpected choice of collaboration, the partnership is seen as a welcome and fitting addition to the game.

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