Fallout Showrunners Keep New Vegas Ending Canon a Mystery

The big question fans have is who won the second Battle of Hoover Dam, but it doesn’t sound like it matters all that much. Showrunners Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet want to avoid the expectation that the show has to follow one of the canon endings. Spoilers for the Fallout TV series. It’s been 15 years since the game, and clearly, the Mojave has struggled, but the big question is what ending led us here?

So, while there are plenty of options, they might not matter in the grand scheme of things. “With that post-credits stuff, we really wanted to imply, ‘Guys, the world has progressed, and the idea that the wasteland stays as it is decade-to-decade is preposterous to us.’ It’s just a place [of] constant tragedy, events, horrors – there’s a constant churn of trauma. So, as 15 years have passed, *who *controlled the Strip is a moot point.

There were still fights over it after the second Battle of Hoover Dam, which we don’t see in the game. Maybe House has a backup plan and is still alive, maybe Caesar’s Legion disbanded after his inevitable death, and maybe the NCR pulled out of the Mojave as it fell into disarray following the collapse of Shady Sands. Whatever the case, “things have happened”. We’ll probably find out what things next season.

There are six main games, various spin-offs, tabletop games, and a TV series from Amazon Studios.

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