New UniVersus My Hero Academia: Girl Power Expansion Reveals 23 Additional Cards

UniVersus is a unique game that brings together characters from various popular series like Cowboy Bebop, Critical Role, and My Hero Academia in one deck. However, it is My Hero Academia that has truly propelled the game to popularity.

The game is set in a world where superpowers are common and children train to become “Pro Heroes.” The latest release, My Hero Academia: Girl Power, focuses on the women of the series, showcasing their abilities and strengths in the game.

The set features characters such as Kyioka Jiro, Mina Ashido, Mount Lady, Mirko, and Himiko Toga, allowing players to incorporate their powers into their decks. The set includes 23 cards, with reprints from older My Hero Academia sets to help collectors catch up on their collections.

Notably, the inclusion of Instant Shining Flash, Toru Hagakure’s special attack, and cards from Crimson Rampage, such as Ibara Shiozaki and Faith’s Shield, adds depth to the set. Furthermore, the debut of Itsuka Kendo and the inclusion of Mirko’s secret rare, Luna TIjeras, bring excitement to the game.

Girl Power pays homage to the women of My Hero Academia, with special attention to detail, such as including the kanji of each hero’s name on the alt-art cards. Itsuka Kendo’s Big Fist Bash and Mirko’s Luna TIjeras are highlighted as notable additions to the game, with the latter being described as the best card in the set.

Overall, UniVersus, formerly known as the Universal Fighting System (UVS), is a collectible card game that allows players to build decks of cards, with an additional Character Card representing the player and accessing powerful Enhance abilities.

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