Returning to Yaesha: The Forgotten Kingdom – Insights from Remnant 2’s Game Director

The third trip to Yaesha focuses on delving deeper into Pan society. Remnant II’s second DLC expansion, The Forgotten Kingdom, returns players to the mystical and dangerous jungle world of Yaesha, the only returning world from the original Remnant. Yaesha holds some of the series’ most profound lore and intriguing mysteries.

Game director David Adams shares insights into the story, influences, and new enemies that bring The Forgotten Kingdom to life. The DLC seeks to explore different aspects of Pan society, moving away from the Empress and delving into more diverse elements. The decision to return to Yaesha in Remnant II, as opposed to introducing new worlds, was part of the plan from the beginning.

Each world from the base game was intended to be expanded with additional storylines. The aim was to make them feel as different as possible while still being anchored within the same world, incorporating new content and free additions. The original inspiration for Yaesha stemmed from the movie Pan’s Labyrinth.

Yaesha was further developed from a VR game called Chronos and has evolved over time, allowing exploration of areas not entirely overrun by the Root. The DLC focuses on an untouched part of Yaesha, deep in the jungle, unexplored by most in the series. The creatures and bosses in The Forgotten Kingdom are integral to the DLC’s storyline and contribute to its themes.

The transition away from the procedural style of Remnant I allowed for more compelling environmental storytelling, offering a different player perspective. Feedback has influenced The Forgotten Kingdom, with attention paid to what players liked or didn’t like, and efforts made to fill any perceived gaps in variety. The Forgotten Kingdom is now available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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