Indie Games to Sustain 2024’s Energy

The gaming industry has seen a rise in indie games that have the potential to compete with Xbox games. One such indie game from Balatro has already caught my attention and is set to make it on my own Game of the Year list. I am also keeping an eye on several other upcoming indie games, as I anticipate some of them might surprise me upon release. While indie games have often been the driving force behind the industry’s creativity, it is disheartening to see Indie World continuing to promote cutesy wholesomeness as the defining aesthetic of indie games.

Despite this, it is important not to dismiss indie games outright, especially when larger AAA games leave significant gaps in the gaming calendar. While it is essential to look ahead, it is equally important to recognize and support the excellent indie games that may have been overlooked amidst the hype around major releases. The year 2023 was regarded as a remarkable year for gaming, with an abundance of highly-rated games capturing the attention of both critics and players. However, this overwhelming volume of top-tier games also led to many other fantastic games receiving less exposure and recognition.

In contrast, the outlook for 2024 is being labeled as a hollow year, which may hinder the visibility of lesser-known games. It is crucial for gaming enthusiasts to support and advocate for hidden gems from 2024, even after the initial hype surrounding their release has faded. Furthermore, while it is common for players to prioritize games released within the past week or month, it is equally important to acknowledge and explore older games that may have been overlooked. In summary, indie games are increasingly gaining prominence in the gaming industry, and it is essential to appreciate and support them, even amidst the hype surrounding larger game releases.

Additionally, acknowledging and exploring older games that may not have received as much attention upon their release can lead to the discovery of hidden gems within the gaming community.

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