Fan de Kingdom Hearts 3 agrega la pelea de Phantom Aqua del 0.2 Zodiac.

The hardest battle in A Fragmentary Passage is now available in Kingdom Hearts 3. A talented modder has incorporated Zodiac Phantom Aqua, the infamous post-game boss from 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage, into Kingdom Hearts 3. Before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, there were concerns about the quality of boss battles following the issues seen in Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance.

However, the skills of the developers were proven in 0.2, reassuring fans about the game’s boss battles. The mod not only brings the fight from 0.2 into Kingdom Hearts 3 but also adapts Zodiac Phantom Aqua to work with Kingdom Hearts 3’s combat system. Minor adjustments have been made to her offensive and defensive stats to make her a better match for the rest of the data battles, making her a more challenging boss.

It is exciting to see Zodiac Phantom Aqua outside of 0.2 and have the opportunity to battle her after encountering her in the main game. Her boss battle is a highlight of Kingdom Hearts 3’s endgame, and this mod provides a way to rematch her without having to restart the entire game or save just before the battle.

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