Reportedly, Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Will Not Include a Split-Screen Mode

The Dragon Ball Sparking: Zero game is not expected to feature a split-screen mode like older Budokai Tenkaichi games, according to producer Jun Furutani. This means that players will need to rely on online play to battle their friends. While the game is anticipated to do justice to the Budokai Tenkaichi series, including bringing an evolved full story mode from BT3, the absence of split-screen mode is disappointing for long-term fans. Despite efforts by Furutani and series producer Ryo Mito to find a solution, it seems unlikely that split-screen mode will be included in the game at launch, if at all.

The absence of split-screen mode is particularly notable as it has been a beloved feature of previous Budokai Tenkaichi games, allowing players to enjoy local multiplayer battles. However, recent discussions with the game’s producers have revealed that only single-player modes and online play have been mentioned so far. While hopes for the inclusion of split-screen mode have been dwindling, there is still a possibility that it might be added in the future. Although the lack of split-screen mode may disappoint fans, there is some positive news about the game’s full story mode, which is said to have evolved from BT3.

The possibility of split-screen mode being added in the future is uncertain, and fans may need to manage their expectations regarding its inclusion in Sparking: Zero.

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