Fans of Mortal Kombat 1 express concerns about Homelander’s appearance.

In a recent video clip, Homelander, a character from The Boys, was revealed as a guest character in the Kombat Pack for a popular video game. The clip showcases a confrontation between Liu Kang and Homelander, offering a good look at the latter’s appearance. Some fans have voiced criticism, asserting that Homelander’s model looks “off” due to the twitchy animations and the absence of his voice in the footage. On the other hand, there are fans who defend the model, claiming that it accurately represents his appearance in The Boys.

This difference of opinion has divided fans’ views on the depiction of the character in the game. Despite the absence of Homelander’s voice in the clip, it’s interesting that the focus of controversy has been more on the visual portrayal than the lack of dialogue. While some fans acknowledge the concerns about Homelander’s appearance, others argue that the digital representation of Antony Starr looks faithful to the original character. Regardless of the differing perspectives, there is still anticipation for the forthcoming reveal of another major guest character in the Kombat Pack.

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