Players are upset with Blue Mages at Final Fantasy 14’s Yo-Kai Watch Event.

If you’ve been attempting to earn medals recently, you may have encountered a powerful Blue Mage in Final Fantasy 14. Blue Mages possess potent abilities that can wipe out enemies in FATEs before others have a chance to join in, making it challenging to achieve higher rankings. With skills like Hydro Pull and Ultravibration, Blue Mages can quickly gather and eliminate enemies. Although Blue Mages are typically limited in their participation in certain game content, they can still affect FATEs, where players strive to earn at least a Silver ranking to receive a medal.

Obtaining a Gold or Silver ranking in a FATE is not particularly difficult, but it becomes more challenging when competing with other players seeking the same goal, especially if there is a powerful Blue Mage in the mix. This can lead to a struggle to land hits on enemies before the Blue Mage eliminates them. Many players have expressed their difficulties in dealing with Blue Mages on the Final Fantasy 14 subreddit. Fortunately, the Yo-Kai Watch event lasts until the release of Dawntrail, providing a few months to earn medals and obtain desired weapons and mounts.

As time progresses, the competition from hardcore players is likely to decrease, making FATEs more accessible to others. If you are facing challenges due to powerful Blue Mages, it may be beneficial to wait a few weeks before attempting to earn medals.

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