Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Ultimania Confirms Aerith’s Fate Is Uncertain

The Ultimania addresses various aspects of the game, including the fate of Aerith. The game presents her fate as a tragedy, but there are indications that it may not be as certain as it seems. Readers are advised to avoid spoilers if they are wary.

There are discussions about what happened to Aerith, suggesting that her fate may not be final. It is confirmed that the party sees something different from Cloud, explaining why only he lacks a full Limit Break when the battle begins. Additionally, the Ultimania confirms that Rebirth shows multiple universes throughout the game, potentially impacting Aerith’s survival.

It is unclear what has happened to Aerith, and the intentional drowning out of Cloud’s words to her further adds to the uncertainty. Therefore, if players are upset about her fate, it may be worth holding out hope until the third game in the trilogy, as her destiny is not as decided as previously thought.

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