Review of Fallout: The Most Addictive Television Series in Years

Fallout excels at capturing the spirit, tone, and themes of the games to tell gripping a story for fans and newcomers alike. A Fallout show doesn’t need to perfectly recreate characters, relationships, and storylines the way The Last of Us, Uncharted, or the upcoming Borderlands need to.

Instead, it needs to capture the aesthetic, the tone, and the iconography of the Fallout world. Fans don’t want to see Preston Garvey, they want to see dusty boxes of BlamCo Mac & Cheese in the pantry of a house whose only inhabitants for the last 200 years are cockroaches the size of Shetland ponies.

The show nails that aesthetic from front to back. From the vault where every Fallout story begins, to the dusty towns populated by pipe gun-wielding raiders, to the Brotherhood of Steel’s power armor and vertibirds, every element of Fallout’s retrofuturistic ‘atompunk’ world is fully realized.

Amazon’s Fallout show has everything a self-respecting Vault Dweller could want and more, capturing the game’s tone and themes, including consumerism, corporatocracy, greed, and atomism, as core elements of the story and character motivations. The show successfully captures the hyper-violent and playfully cynical tone of the games without letting camp undermine its characters or the weight of its big story moments.

The main cast’s performances contribute to this success. The show’s clever structure for the first season, which weaves three distinct storylines together, keeps a lively pace throughout, although there are some slowdowns in the action in the final stretch.

Released all at once, the show is described as bingeable, offering a roller coaster ride until the very last shot. While the series is announced as canon, it challenges fundamental things known about the history of Fallout, yet it more than earns the liberties it takes with the lore because of its faithfulness to the games.

Fallout sets a new high bar for video game adaptations and proves that it’s possible to adapt a game authentically while still telling an original story, leaving viewers craving more Fallout and demonstrating that adaptations can be creatively worthwhile endeavors.

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