Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s New Patch Fixes Broken Platinum Trophy

Good news for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth players! The recent patch, 1.030, has fixed the Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop side quest bug, which means the platinum trophy is now obtainable again. This quest is crucial in earning the platinum trophy, and players will now have the opportunity to beat the Shinra Middle Manager’s high score on the G-Bike minigame to claim their reward.

If you’ve been attempting to achieve the coveted platinum trophy and have encountered the Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop side quest bug, you’ll be pleased to know that the new patch has addressed this issue. This bug had previously made it impossible to complete the quest, thus preventing players from obtaining the platinum trophy. Square Enix had previously announced that they were working on a fix for this bug, and the solution has now been rolled out with the latest patch.

In addition to the fix for the Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop quest, the patch has addressed a small detail regarding the lovable Shinra mascot, Stamp. There was a discrepancy in the breed of the dog featured in Stamp stickers and graffiti, causing confusion among players. However, it appears to have been a mistake on Square Enix’s part, and the initial breed of Stamp has been restored in both Junon and the Golden Saucer.

Some players are also discussing changes to the character Zack’s appearance following the patch. Overall, if you have been holding off on updating the game due to the bug, you can now safely do so and continue your progress towards obtaining the platinum trophy.

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