Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Ultimania Explains Part of the Game’s Ending

Final Fantasy 7 Ultimanium sheds light on some confusing aspects of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s ending. In one of the final scenes, Cloud’s headaches make it difficult for players to hear his spoken words. This unclear audio is now explained by Ultimania, revealing that Cloud is speaking his lines from the original game’s scene.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is known for its complex narrative, involving alternate timelines and universes, which can be challenging to follow. Cloud’s unreliable nature and his headaches further add to the confusion. In the game’s finale, the headaches cause all sounds to cease while Cloud is speaking.

Thankfully, Ultimania clarifies this moment. The specific scene being referenced involves Aerith’s death and Cloud’s inability to prevent it. While Cloud experiences headaches and speaks without sound, an interview with game writer Kazushige Nomura in Ultimanium reveals that the lines being spoken are from the original game.

The co-director adds that they wish to leave the ending open to interpretation but confirms the inclusion of Cloud’s lines from the original game as “a flashback” in the scene. Furthermore, this clarification confirms fan theories about Cloud experiencing events from two different worlds, as Ultimania confirms the existence of six others. While these revelations may not be groundbreaking for fans of the original game, they provide answers for those new to the Final Fantasy 7 universe and clarify some of the mysteries surrounding the ending.

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