Skybound’s Crowdfunding Efforts for an Ambitious Invincible Game

Skybound has assembled a team of over 30 gaming industry veterans to develop an Invincible game that is described as “highly produced” and “high-octane.” This move follows collaborations with Fortnite and Mortal Kombat, as well as a mobile title called Guarding the Globe by Ubisoft, which was met with disappointment.

Despite limited details about the game, people are eager to invest, adding to the $18 million already raised from investors and Republic users. With the Invincible series at the height of its popularity, Skybound seems poised to capitalize on this with an ambitious video game release.

The company has indicated that the game will follow a premium model with multiple DLC expansions, hinting at a broader vision. Furthermore, the game is expected to include online features, comprising competitive and local play modes, although specific details are scarce.

The game’s emphasis on “support for years to come” suggests a live service model, and given the current track record of live service superhero games, questions remain about Skybound’s ability to defy this trend. It remains to be seen whether the company can successfully navigate this challenge.

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