Finn’s Robot Arm Finally Featured in MultiVersus

The gaming community was surprised by the unexpected departure of MultiVersus last year, but now the game is making a comeback for a fresh start. Little information has been revealed about the new characters joining the game, but there is confirmation that Finn the Human will be receiving a highly requested skin, featuring his iconic robotic arm and a beloved sword from the Adventure Time series. The MultiVersus and NHL Face-Off event is currently ongoing, providing fans with a closer look at character models in action.

While the absence of character reveals is felt, the showcase of the characters in action, even in ice hockey form, is appreciated after a year-long wait. Promotions for the event have unveiled an exciting detail for Adventure Time enthusiasts, as it was noted by a reliable MultiVersus leaker that a new skin for Finn will feature his robotic arm, fulfilling the desires of passionate fans. Furthermore, the promotional footage also showcased Finn wielding his Night Sword, a weapon from the later seasons of Adventure Time.

The integration of these details hints that Finn will receive a new skin upon launch, showcasing the Night Sword and his robotic arm. In addition, new gameplay clips unveiled the introduction of parries as a new game mechanic, alleviating concerns about potentially slowing down matches. While the game is yet to reveal any new characters, the ongoing event has provided valuable insights into the game, leaving fans eagerly anticipating further announcements.

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