Fortnite Introduces New OG Mode on Updated Chapter 1 Map

Epic has revealed a new game mode for Fortnite called Reload, which is giving off strong nostalgic vibes. This new mode is a unique take on Team Deathmatch, with 40 players trying to survive on a smaller map based around Chapter 1.

It features classic weapons and is described as having “classic vibes.” The mode, taking place on a remixed version of the Chapter 1 map, went live recently and appears to be a permanent addition to the game.

This comes amidst controversy surrounding Fortnite’s current season, which has focused heavily on vehicle combat rather than traditional shooting. Reload is described as an action-packed Battle Royale mode with classic weapons and locations, featuring a gameplay twist where squad members can reboot as long as there is one player standing.

The mode is available in both builds and zero build versions to cater to different player preferences. While labeled as a “new mode” on a “new map,” Reload is actually a remixed map featuring Points of Interest from classic Fortnite days, including Tilted Towers, Retail Row, Sandy Sheet, and Pleasant Park.

With the inclusion of classic weapons such as the Revolver, Tactical Shotgun, OG Heavy Shotgun, and more, it is evident that Epic is aiming to appeal to fans of the classic Fortnite experience.

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