Where are the remakes of Metroid Prime 2 and 3?

When Metroid Prime 4: Beyond was revealed in this week’s Nintendo Direct, I was pleasantly surprised. The 18-year hiatus of the Metroid Prime series seemed to be coming to an end, and I found myself wondering about remakes of its second and third installments.

As a gamer, I eagerly await news and updates, and I feel entitled to them. Over the past two decades, information about new releases in the Metroid Prime series has been scarce, leaving room for rumors and leaks.

Although the announcement of Metroid Prime Remastered last year seemed to support some of these leaks, the absence of news about remasters for Echoes and Corruption is puzzling. With the release of Metroid Prime 4: Beyond approaching, there is a growing demand for remasters of the previous games.

However, no mention of Echoes or Corruption re-releases was made during the recent Nintendo Direct. Many fans, myself included, are eager to replay the entire series before the launch of Beyond, especially after experiencing the remaster of the first game.

While it’s possible that Nintendo plans to surprise us with the remasters as it did with the first one, some speculate that the delay may be due to efforts to bring the next two remasters up to standard. The question of when these remasters will be released remains unanswered.

Considering the upcoming successor to the Switch and its new games, it seems unlikely that the remasters will be included in a future Nintendo Direct. As the release of Beyond draws nearer, the timing for the remasters becomes more uncertain.

My excitement for the Metroid Prime series has increased with the announcement of Beyond, and I am eager for a gameplay reveal and a remaster release. This seems to be the opportune time to catch up on the series, and I remain hopeful that Nintendo has the remasters ready to go at any moment.

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