PlayStation Exclusive: Extended Cut of Sonic X Shadows Generations Anime

The anime related to a specific video game is set to be exclusive to PlayStation, based on information found on Sega’s preorder pages. The exact details of the exclusive content are not yet known, but it is not unusual for Sega to offer confusing and exclusive downloadable content (DLC).

All three editions available for preorder on PlayStation—Physical Standard, Digital Standard, and Digital Deluxe—feature the phrase “Bonus PlayStation-Exclusive Prologue Animations” alongside the game’s regular bonuses. Interestingly, none of the other preorder pages mention any bonus animation, although they do include traditional bonuses.

This discrepancy exists not only on the English preorder pages but also on the Japanese storepage. According to a translated report, the exclusive content is said to be timed, with plans for DLC distribution in the future.

However, the exact nature of the exclusivity and what will be distributed is still unclear. Plans may change, but it is expected that more information will be provided at a panel during Anime Expo in early July.

It would not be surprising for a Sonic game to have a confusing DLC pattern, as Sega has a history of such actions. Nevertheless, it is a relief that if part of the anime is exclusive, it will not be region-locked to North American customers and will not require the purchase of subpar breakfast items.

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