Fortnite Update Introduces Wookie Bowcaster and Brings Back Olympic Mythics

Fortnite has been updated ahead of tomorrow’s Star Wars Day, bringing a plethora of new Star Wars content to the game. This includes weapons like the Wookie Bowcaster, skins such as Dagobah Luke and Lando, and a Yoda Backbling. Additionally, the update has unvaulted the Olympic Mythics that were previously missing. It’s a significant event that celebrates Star Wars Day with a collaboration between Fortnite and Disney, offering various skins, weapons, and events for players to enjoy.

In addition to the Star Wars content, a new mini Battle Pass has been added to Lego Fortnite, featuring Star Wars-themed items and a skin for Chewbacca, complete with a non-Lego variant. Lightsabers have also been introduced in Lego Fortnite, adding further Star Wars goodness to the mode. Although Lightsaber Pickaxes are not available for the Battle Royale mode, three Star Wars-themed weapons have been added for players who prefer not to spend money in the game. Furthermore, the update unvaults the Olympic Mythics that were previously removed to make room for Avatar: Elements bending weapons.

The Wings of Icarus, Chains of Hades, and Thunderbolt of Zeus are all back in the game for the remainder of the season, much to the delight of players. However, this also means that the Avatar: Elements Mythics have been put back into the vault for the foreseeable future.

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