Improved Graphics in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Mod by Developer Creates Major Impact

Maximilian Dood and modder WistfulHopes have partnered to enhance the art style of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. WistfulHopes has already made significant progress and shared screenshots of their work on social media. They are still working on tweaking character models to fit the new art style, and the project is showing promising results. When the game launched in 2017, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite faced various issues, including a lackluster story, delayed updates with DRM, and the absence of popular characters like the X-Men.

Additionally, the game’s art style and graphics have not aged well. However, Maximilian Dood has commissioned WistfulHopes to create a brand-new art style for the game, aiming to improve its appearance and longevity. WistfulHopes has been sharing the progress on their Twitter account, showcasing the game’s new cel-shaded art style through screenshots. The work has garnered significant attention and could potentially revive the game’s competitive scene.

While the mod is still a work in progress, many are already expressing excitement over the new art style, believing it will offer the game an improved look and feel. WistfulHopes is diligently working on tweaking character models and faces to align with the cel-shaded art style, with more updates expected in the coming days.

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