Gamescom Latam 2024: Discovering Growth Amidst Challenges with Pawel Sasko

Pawel Sasko, an associate game director at CDProjekt RED, talks about his role in the new Cyberpunk game being developed in Boston. He explains that the team is excited about the project, which is in its early stages.

Moving on to his early days in the gaming industry, Sasko remembers starting as a game developer at a young age and facing challenges in the form of limited learning resources. He reflects on the evolution of the gaming industry and the rise of Latin American indie gaming.

The conversation with Sasko delves into the difficulties faced by independent studios and the importance of a resilient mindset in the face of adversity. Sasko emphasizes the need for indie developers to have their work recognized and supported.

He believes that independent games are gaining prominence and that various companies, including major players, are showing interest in supporting indie titles. The text goes on to detail the gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077, a first-person action role-playing game by CD Projekt Red, set in the lawless Night City, where players navigate life and interact with memories of character Johnny Silverhand.

Overall, Sasko’s insights shed light on the past, present, and future of the gaming industry, emphasizing the challenges faced by developers and the opportunities for growth and recognition for independent studios.

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