Elden Ring DLC Proves Challenging, Black Myth: Wukong Poised to Be Even Tougher

The Elden Ring discourse is confusing to me as an outsider. It seems that some players are frustrated by the difficulty of Shadow of the Ertree, but I always thought that overcoming challenges was the essence of the game. The struggle, failure, and eventual success are supposed to provide a sense of achievement.

This is basic Souls psychology, so I don’t understand the dilemma. According to discussions with FromSoft experts, the fights in Erdtree are not as easily overcome through brute force. Some players have found success by adopting a hybrid build with magic options and using the Mimic Tear Spirit Summon to distract bosses.

Others have resorted to farming Scadutree Fragments to become stronger. It appears that adapting to the game’s RPG mechanics is essential to progress, which might be causing difficulty for some players. It seems that Erdtree’s bosses are known for chaining together multiple attacks, requiring precise dodging and offering limited opportunities to counterattack.

This pattern is reminiscent of the gameplay in Black Myth: Wukong, which also features long combos and demands precise timing and finesse from the players. Some fights in Wukong only allow for a limited number of counterattacks after successfully dodging a series of enemy strikes. Additionally, Wukong lacks a parry mechanic, making dodging the primary means of avoiding damage.

In Wukong, players have the option to use different dodge stances, but the game still heavily emphasizes the need for precise dodging. While not discouraging anyone from playing Wukong, it is clear that the game shares the challenging nature of Elden Ring’s boss fights. Therefore, if the relentless nature of Erdtree’s bosses is proving to be too challenging, it’s likely that Wukong will present similar difficulties.

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