Review: The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak – Like A Spriggan

The Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak is the eleventh installment in a series with a continuous overarching story that spans six years. Characters from previous games reappear, and the narrative arcs continue. This epic JRPG saga is not the best place to start for new players.

Instead, beginning with the first game, Trails in the Sky: First Chapter, is recommended. Trails Through Daybreak is set in the Calvard Republic, a technologically advanced nation that contrasts with previous settings in the series. The game features a diverse and engaging cast of characters, with Van Arkride as the brand-new protagonist, offering a refreshing perspective.

The gameplay in Trails Through Daybreak offers a smart evolution of the series’ usual turn-based battle system. It introduces a new action-based combat element called Field Battle, which adds complexity to the gameplay. The game also features expansive environments and improved graphics compared to previous entries.

The side quests in Trails Through Daybreak are particularly noteworthy for their sharp writing and critical decision-making, often surpassing the main story in captivation. Despite some areas for improvement, Trails Through Daybreak is considered a favorite entry in the series, offering an enjoyable exploration of the Calvard Republic and a mature protagonist. The game maintains the intriguing storytelling characteristic of the Trails series.

In conclusion, the game is well-received and adds to the positive trend seen in previous entries, leaving players eager for the next installment.

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