Gary Bowser, el hacker de Nintendo, recauda miles de dólares tras ser liberado de la cárcel

Gary Bowser, a Canadian man who served 30 months in prison for his involvement in Nintendo Switch piracy, has turned to GoFundMe to help pay his medical bills. He has raised $7,755 CAD so far to help with the relief of his leg pain caused by lymphedema, which worsened during his time in prison.

Additionally, he has ongoing health issues that require regular physical therapy, adding to his medical expenses. Furthermore, he still owes Nintendo $14.5 million, which he has to pay off from his income after covering living expenses.

During his time in prison, Bowser’s health deteriorated due to Covid restrictions keeping him confined to his cell for almost 24 hours a day, worsening the condition of his left leg. Although he has since been released and is attending physical therapy, the financial strain is significant.

Bowser’s involvement in the hacker group Team Xecuter led to his legal issues. He was charged and convicted of fraud for his role in updating the group’s website and sharing information about their products, including a chip that allowed the Nintendo Switch to play pirated games.

His prison job, for which he was paid a minimal amount, required him to start paying Nintendo back immediately. As a result, he hopes to garner support through his GoFundMe to help with his medical expenses and the substantial amount owed to Nintendo.

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