Lego’s Sonic Collection Adds Shadow and Knuckles BrickHeadz

Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario are iconic video game mascots known for their rivalry. In recent years, both characters have expanded beyond the gaming world, making their way into movies, merchandise, and even the world of Lego. The release of Sonic games and the live-action Sonic movie was followed by the success of Nintendo and Illumination’s Mario film, which broke the billion-dollar barrier.

Adding to the competition, both Sonic and Mario now have their own Lego collections, intensifying their long-standing rivalry. Sonic’s Lego collection has been expanded with the addition of a new set featuring the characters Knuckles and Shadow as BrickHeadz. These characters were previously featured in a Shadow’s Escape set and a Knuckles set, both of which gained attention and popularity.

The new Knuckles and Shadow BrickHeadz set is made up of 298 pieces and is available for purchase at $19.99. Unlike previous sets, Knuckles and Shadow are only available as a pair, each coming with their own Lego platform. The set is currently accessible through the Lego store and may soon be found in physical Lego stores.

As the competition between Sonic and Mario continues to evolve, fans can now build and collect various Lego sets featuring their favorite characters. The introduction of Knuckles and Shadow as Lego BrickHeadz adds an exciting dimension to Sonic’s growing Lego collection, fueling the rivalry between the two beloved video game icons.

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