Gengar And Pikachu Pokemon Squishmallows Are 50% Off At Walmart

The elusive Gengar Squishmallow is back, available for only $15 via Pokemon. Walmart currently has Pokemon Squishmallows on sale for half price, including the Gengar and Pikachu versions, both at the reduced price of $15.

These Squishmallows are the ten-inch versions, the smallest size available for Pokemon’s Squishmallows. Pokemon has been gradually expanding its Squishmallows collection, with Dragonite and Marill confirmed to be the next Pokemon to receive the Squishmallow treatment, set to release this summer.

While Pokemon initially underestimated the popularity of its Squishmallows, resulting in stock shortages, the Gengar and Pikachu Squishmallows are now back in stock at Walmart, offered at a reduced price. The Gengar Squishmallow has been particularly difficult to find, with stock limited even in the UK.

However, the ten-inch version is currently in stock at Walmart for $14.97, alongside the OG Pikachu Squishmallow which is also available at the same sale price. The Pikachu Squishmallow is less sought after compared to Gengar, as there are two versions available, with this being the latter and more rare edition.

The number of Squishmallows in stock at Walmart and the duration of the sale remain uncertain, and it is expected that these Squishmallows will not last long at the discounted price. Additionally, Pokemon’s Squishmallows also come in larger sizes, with the 12-inch ones being exclusive to Pokemon Center, and 14 and 20-inch variants also available.

For those looking to add to their Pokemon Squishmallow collection, Teddiursa is also available at a reduced price on Amazon for $19. If you’re keen on collecting them all, now may be the best time to make your purchases before the new Squishmallows are released.

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