Subnautica Fans Discuss Their Most Wanted Features for Subnautica 2

The question was first raised by user Any_Change_63 on the Subnautica subreddit. They asked players what they wanted to see in the sequel.

In response, hundreds of fellow fans flooded the post’s comments with explanations about the features they hoped to see. For example, user Weirdusername15 expressed a desire for the game to be “Deeper, wider, and scarier,” which resonated with many fans who also wanted the game to veer more into the horror aspect.

Additionally, user Mikejacobs14 expressed a common wish for Subnautica 2 to evoke a lonelier atmosphere compared to the previous games, hoping to feel “totally isolated” while playing. Addressing gameplay, user Tobyfoxfan07 suggested that Unknown Worlds expand the game’s base customization options, while user Bakesh wanted to see a massive predator that would stalk the entire map instead of being restricted to a specific area.

Many users expressed hope for multiplayer in Subnautica, unaware that Unknown Worlds has already confirmed its inclusion. While there is limited information available about Subnautica 2, official updates from Unknown Worlds and earnings reports have revealed some details.

For instance, the game will primarily focus on single-player, with an optional co-op mode. Additionally, Subnautica 2 will be a live service title with a commitment to ongoing support after launch, without standard live service features like microtransactions or battle passes.

A developer, Liam Tart, shared the first in-game screenshot of Subnautica 2 in February, offering a glimpse of the game’s development progress. As the game remains largely shrouded in mystery, fans hope to receive more updates from Unknown Worlds in the future.

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