Helldivers 2 Players Are Dodging Hellmire

Soomiyoo, a Reddit user, recently shared a simplified version of the Galactic Map on the Helldivers subreddit. The map underscores the prevalent aversion towards Hellmire among players.

It depicts every planet, regardless of its significance in the war effort on either the Automaton or Terminid front, as having some players on it, denoted by a small portion of green on each dot. However, the only exception is a fully red dot seen on the decimated Terminid front, which unsurprisingly signifies Hellmire’s unpopularity.

The map serves as compelling evidence that, despite orders coming from Super Earth itself, players are reluctant to engage in combat on Hellmire at present. There are numerous reasons for this avoidance.

One of the main reasons is the planet’s treacherous conditions. Hellmire has been liberated multiple times since its launch, only to swiftly fall back into the hands of the Terminids on each occasion, a fact highlighted by Reddit user Elgescher.

The desolate nature of the planet, filled with bugs and fire tornadoes, makes it one of the most inhospitable in the game. The lack of appeal for Hellmire is a sentiment echoed by the Reddit user Mythrilcrafter, who points out that both humans and Terminids have little reason to desire the planet due to its hostile and barren nature, rendering it unsuitable for settlement.

Moreover, the rampant fires on the planet, coupled with Arrowhead’s acknowledgement of the excessive damage being inflicted on players over time, adds to the aversion towards Hellmire. The frustration escalates with the seemingly immediate spawning of tornadoes while waiting for extraction.

These factors collectively contribute to players actively avoiding Hellmire.

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